Neurofeedback          (EEG-BIOFEEDBACK)

Neurofeedback ( EEG-Biofeedback) is a computer-assisted brainwaves training, with the help of which the brain learns to organize itself better. The principle is that behavior, when rewarded, will increasingly occur in the sequence. The so-called "operant conditioning" makes it possible to regulate the brain activity on the basis of reward.


Scientific research has shown that various problems such as AD (H) D, learning disorders (dyslexia, dyscalculia), behavioral problems, sleep disorders, etc., are due to dysregulations and imbalances in the brain. Stress, strain, pain in turn can alter our brainwave patterns. As a result, chemicals are released into the body that disturb the balance and cause discomfort. EEG-biofeedback is therefore basically suitable for everyone. Thanks to EEG-biofeedback, our brainwave patterns can be re-adjusted and dysregulations corrected - sustainably and without side effects.